i find myself being drawn to white spaces. everywhere i look i am seeing them and appreciating the clean simple lines. the lack of visual distraction. yet at the same time letting key pieces of furniture or accessories pop. to say that i am just appreciating and not envying would be a total lie.


so obviously i bought a gallon of pure white paint today and attacked my dining room. i’m not afraid to paint. and surprisingly (because i am sooooo critical of myself and my design choices!) have rarely regretted painting.

but with one coat up in the dining room….i am second guessing. first because there is no logical place to stop the white…meaning i might have to paint the dining room, kitchen, living room…and hall. so, the WHOLE HOUSE!. what was i thinking? and second, i think that while the white will brighten up the rooms and it’s sure better than the tan that i’ve been starting at for the last 6 years…but it might make me hate the color of my cabinets (maple) and BLACK appliances.

errrr….what was i thinking?!?!

thankfully greg has withheld judgment and critical comments.

in case you are wondering where i am for the next few weeks….i’m painting my entire house and possibly my appliances several colors until find the right one.


2 thoughts on “inspired

  1. wow. classic. uuummm…this year’s chili dinner could be a paint party? you could just visit the WING website. We have a nice white background so all our blue items pop? :) love that you love to paint. xoxo

  2. once you go white, it is hard to ever go back! We started with one room in our old house, and that led us eventually to all of them turning white, with the exception of one gray room and one green wall. oh and i miss the white now that we have moved. it is so clean and fresh. my dream home has white walls and ebony stained floors. ahhhhh to dream!

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