things ben says..

a few weeks ago i was in the garage folding laundry and ben was working in his easel / workbench turned bike shop and insisting that i watch every pretend bike fixing maneuver. after the 1,000th “mom watch…” i politely told him that moms, can see things even when they are not looking because they have eyes in the back of their heads. to which he replied, “that’s SO UNUSUAL.” as i retold the story to greg he seems dissapointed that i would fabricate such a lie….but i was desperate and it was necessary.

then today, ben desperate for attention and eye contact said, “mom LOOK AT ME WITH YOUR FORWARD EYES.” thanks for specifying son. love you.


2 thoughts on “things ben says..

  1. “LOL” was not my whole post. i hit return by mistake. the rest- Love you and I love that boy. So smart and sweet.

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