i am not a creative person. but i am easily inspired. and can copy just about anything. you know…that doesn’t involve crazy crafting talent. and i am a bit controlling. and like things…just so. just so pretty. and cohesive. and inspired.

so last week…while we were still recovering from the onslaught of Christmas. and i wanted to basque in the greatness of my new yoga pants, vegetarian magazines and new kitchen…oh wait, the kitchen was for my boys. obviously. but i had a new years party to plan. and very unlike me…i had not even starting thinking about what i wanted it to look like. the rsvp list was hoovering around 8….and growing slowly. mid-week when we passed 10, i knew i could not do a sit down dinner. everyone had offered to bring something and it felt silly not to take them up on it. i wanted to serve a hearty something for the main course…so our guests didn’t leave hungry. but something that didn’t require a fork and knife. so…..soup. and the best soup. and there is nothing better than beef bourguignon. so french and so delicious. 3 hours and 100 new years eve party googles later….this is the inspiration i found.

mine actually looked quite a bit like this….but note that if you are in a tizzy pouring champagne at 9:00 pm (b/c your guests have all agreed to celebrate new year’s on east coast time) and you over flow the glasses….like i do every time i pour champagne…the gold paper will bleed onto your white tray. bummer. but cheers!

i didn’t make these…but it inspired my gold and silver decor.

heck ya i had gold and silver washi tape in my craft drawer and taped everything i could find in the house…vases, boxes, note cards, etc….

and this got me thinking…i must send our guests home with a little something sweet for the car, or the morning. also inspired by greg’s cousin’s wedding where breakfast was served at 1:00 am…b/c we were still dancing, and a friend’s wedding where they served cookies and milk after the bride and groom left…

but what is more french and the perfect combo of dessert and breakfast….bread pudding muffins.

all wrapped up in a cute box.

please note that i do not have actual pictures of ANY OF THIS because i was a little frazzled all night chasing after lyle…who rocked the party. but that’s another story.