in one week….

in one week we have had a broken garbage disposal, broken fridge / freezer that thawed and leaked all over my kitchen floor, which uncovered an actual water leek in the water line behind the fridge, a broken lamp (favorite orange one….shattered again) and a window leek dripping water into the dining room with a constant stream….the first two have been fixed. the lamp is in the garage as a painful reminder. and the window…drip…drip…drip…i can hear it now.

i am so glad we ditched that home warranty this year. so soooooo glad.

shoot fire. dang it. i’m over it. i think i spent our entire Christmas budget on house crap in the last week. i said crap. on my blog. have i done that before? because i sure the heck say it in real life. a lot this week.

and i literally cut ben’s finger with kitchen scissors yesterday. we were both holding scissors and white paper making a snow flake and i mistook his finger for paper. blood. everywhere.

and i just noticed a goose egg on lyle’s head bigger than either of my kids have ever had. and i’m assuming he got it 30 minutes ago when he naked peed on the floor then slipped in it and fell on his face. i was expecting blood and there was none so i didn’t bother to give him a once over.

i should be fired.