this afternoon ben and I made sweet smoothies. i called it a shake just to peak his interest. bananas, dates, young coconut water, a dash of peanut butter. he helped pour everything in. and when we were done, he asked me to sit on his stool with him and drink our shakes. we were hip to hip. fitting perfectly. i put my arm around him and he said, “we love each other don’t we? i love you mom.” to which i obviously started crying. then he asked me to get his guitar and for the next 15 minutes we sang songs to Jesus together.

then i started crying more. and gave ben the biggest hug ever and said i was so sorry for ever raising my voice at him. to which he replied, “i always love you mom. even when you scream in my face.”

then he asked me if i had a fat tummy and pulled up my shirt and asked what the wrinkled skin was all over my tummy. kind of ruined the moment. but we had a moment i will never forget.

thank you Jesus for coming so quickly to be with us this afternoon.

and yes, i did video ben leading worship in the kitchen. i will figure out how to post soon.


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