costume update

ben is clearly mad at me about the manipulative way i forced him into the yellow get up yesterday…and is being very passive aggressive about it. ie…he hasn’t mentioned it but hates me for some reason today. HATES ME. we are having an all out battle of the wills and i have threatened a 100 times already to throw ALL (three pieces) his candy away if he doesn’t listen, obey and respect me. he is acting crazy. and i am responding even crazier. back up to last night…he was all wound up and wanting to run this way and that from house to house and didn’t want us telling him where to go and at one point when screaming across the street yelling at greg and i to “GET BACK. DON’T COME WITH ME. I AM GOING ALONE. I DON’T WANT YOU HERE.” So glad he is able to articulate his need for independence in street crossings at age 3. Sweet Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.

not our finest moment.

and probably due to the fact that we both ate TOO MUCH CANDY last night and are consequently a little manic today. (things i have learned from my Perfect Health book and class….processed sugar is toxic.) I let him eat a piece of candy after breakfast, just wanting it to all be gone and over with. Even if that means he eats it all today. And I am quite shocked that he did not make one comment about the fact that when he went to bed last night there were 40 pieces of candy in his bag and when he woke up this morning there were 3. You know…because he is three. Following that logic, I planned on keeping 34 pieces for myself. But thankfully Greg talked me out of it, threw them away and took out the trash last night.

and…he’s had his fireman costume on since he woke up this morning. along with the socks he wore all day yesterday and last night and they smell GROSSSSSS. gross.

Lord, please forgive me for being so easily angered this morning. Restore peace, patience, and love in this house.