Well, as you all know the temperature dipped below 100 this weekend and I sure got excited about fall fast! The fact that it was over 100 on Monday warrants it’s own post titled: the beginning of the end….or just the BIG one is coming.

With all that being said….greg LOVES butternut squash. And was real excited to discover it is officially back in season when I served this last night:

Cornmeal pizza with butternut squash, caramelized onions, fontina cheese and pumpkin seeds.

Just make it! Unreal. Oh, and I used pre-made frozen cornmeal pizza crusts. (Thanks Kimmy for the tip! And thanks Jodie for joining us. And thanks Bronwen for sharing your kids with us!). And actually I used a butternut squash pasta sauce for my “puree.” Which made this all SOOOO easy and still delicious.

Also looking forward to making this version of butternut squash soup with sweet pears and crispy prosciutto. oh my heavens it delicious. I usually make my own puree instead of buying the WS version to save $.


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