sometime in the last couple years….i have become a foodie. greg and i have both become foodies. i think it started with valeria, and top chef. greg’s cousin valeria and her husband have worked for the chef / owner (tom collico) of gramercy tavern in new york for the better part of a decade. which i think is why we started watching top chef a few years ago. it’s one of the only shows we really watch, and watch it together.

we watch, and we critique the food…like we can smell it, touch it, and taste it. we analyze cooking methods, plating, components. the whole schabang. (and we are usually eat a frozen pizza or something equally awesome when we are watching). and along the way, we have become rather adventurous diners. looking for new flavors and foods to taste. we have come to love sitting down to a nice meal and a nice glass of wine. and talking about everything on the menu, strategizing our orders and always looking for input from the wait staff. and we have our favorites (Old Vine), but have started branching out a bit….most recently this is what we are loving:

pizza ortica in costa mesa

a restaurant in newport beach

East Borough Vietnamese Food