Greg lost his wedding ring somewhere in our house last night.

Ben and I went on a hunt and found it under his (Ben’s) bed. I’m thinking maybe…Greg took it off to help with baths, put it in his pocket, and it fell out during story time….which was about 10 minutes before I found him asleep in Ben’s bed snoring SOOOO loud I couldn’t believe Ben was asleep. And Lyle had not woken up from his room.

Not the point. So when we found it, Ben asked if he could wear it. I said no, “this is daddy’s special ring that says he loves me and we are together.” To which Ben replied, “I want a special ring that says I love you and we are together. And Lyle needs one too. We both need rings. To show we are all together.” There were swirling hand motions demonstrating the “all togetherness” that made this even cuter. If that’s possible.

Of course. We will be getting family promise rings. As soon as Lyle drops the “put things in his mouth and choke on them” habit.

Ben also build a house (fort) in our room this morning. And told me it was his new house. Because he rented his old house. Obviously. Jodie – I think this was a shout out to Zach’s new house.


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  1. I think Zach is in on it and is asking for a cut of the rent Ben charges. Zach is also renting out his shovel to any interested beachgoers lately.

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