greg is out of town. which always takes a little spring out of my step.
my parents are in town…but busy.
at 3:00 am last night, ben crawled into bed with me.
then peed in my bed.
then at 7:30 am, he broke my favorite orange lamp.
and it’s that time of the month.
and i’m grumpy.
b/c i gained 5 lbs for no apparent (5 desserts a day for weeks and a million decaf cappuccinos) reason.
and a little sad about the lamp.
and trying to show ben that accidents happen and people are more important than things…
while i mope and answer his questions in a slow, sad voice. and determine to be no fun today.

in case you see me today. that’s where i’m at.

ben is over the lamp incident. he plainly stated “mom, we can just go get another one at the market.” and, “it’s ok mom, i didn’t break the other one. see…you still have one.”

yes ben. this is all true. and the lamps are really just for decoration and i don’t even turn them on that often and there are a lot of people that have NO lamps and NO light.


2 thoughts on “today

  1. oh lindsay, my husband, or “someone” else perhaps broke my most precious knick knack in the unpacking of boxes here. it was a dragon. it was a totally ugly, yellow and green ceramic dragon, but it was the one thing i wanted from my grandparent’s home after my grandmother died. it is now in many many pieces, as i was told, one day after the accident. i had to tell frank how i was sad at my reaction, because it was an acccident, and yes, people are more important than things. but…seriously, God, why do you have to teach these lessons with our FAVORITE things????
    and michael is out of town also.
    i feel ya, sister.

  2. And not even a walk with your bestie made your day better? P.S. I enjoyed gaining weight with you from all the decaf cappuccinos.

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