reading to your children

Most of the reading I do to my children is in the evening, at bedtime. with the goal of soothing them to sleep. I use the most QUIET and MONOTONE voice I can find to just bore them to sleep. It works like a charm. Really. I hear Greg reading them stories with character voices and excitement and i just laugh thinking, “no way he’s going to fall asleep to that one!” ….then i think….am I really just making reading boring for them? forever?

i saw this post on one of my favorite very educational blogs and it got me thinking….we need to read more..for fun.

and please ignore the picture on the blog b/c have mercy if i lived where ever that picture was taken it’d be a WHOLE different ball game. do you know what i’m saying julie andrews? the hills WOULD be alive, and i would have a guitar.


2 thoughts on “reading to your children

  1. you are killing me with the last few — not easy being green and the guitar. i’m glad i know you.

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