now that’s service

ben has been sick for about a week and missed two days of school. today is the last day of school for him until september. and it’s water (wear your bathing suit to school) day! and i sure didn’t want him to miss. but both boys were locked and loaded (is that gun reference? you can take the girl out of texas….but…) in the car before i remembered the swimsuit part. so i turned the car off, got ben out, dressed, sunscreened and back in the car.

hewrrrrrskkkkkkkk. that is the noise my car made when i tried to start it again. seriously?!?!? IT JUST STARTED 2 MINUTES AGO. erk. desperate (for some quiet time this morning) for ben to get to school. i moved into action. i called bronwen to pick ben up. gramma dorie to loan me her car. and AAA to fix whatever is wrong with my car. with in 15 minutes…they were all here. oh my goodness. i felt like a princess who had rung a bell. and i’ve never called myself a princess before in my life. EVER. maybe i should say president? yes. i felt like the president. of something important. like pre-school and quiet time were matters of national security.

turns out it was just the battery. something about not enough cold current amps to turn the engine over? my v8, 5.7 liter hemi engine. that powers my 4 wheel drive vehicle. that gets 11 miles to the gallon. yes, that is right. i said 11 miles to the gallon. and i think about this everytime i fill up my tank. EVERYWEEK. since i only get 11 miles to the gallon it goes fast.

i’m starting to think of going hybrid. but i don’t have a car payment now. and that’s how i like it. so it would have to be something that i could even trade for my jeep. which i love…i’m torn.

for now, i am experimenting with stay home days and errand days. so far “stay home” days end with a beer (or two) by 4 pm b/c i’m going crazy and errand days end with both kids revolting against me in public at 4 pm. neither is pretty. but is this life really about being pretty? b/c it’s not easy being green.