resting and my day of leisure

the boys were a little under the weather this weekend…coughing nasty coughs. and some good friends were dedicating their beautiful daughter at church and i didn’t want to miss it. so sunday morning greg stayed home and i went. i got back home around 11:30 to find the house very quiet. too quiet. ben was happily playing with double sided tape at the kitchen counter. i asked him if lyle was still napping and he said, “yup.” crazy b/c i’d put him down at 8:45 am. and i asked where dad was and he said, “resting.”

resting? interesting. i don’t know if i’ve ever successfully “rested” during ben’s waking hours. my interest in greg’s “resting” was peaked.

i walked down the hall and looked in our room, expecting to see him in our bed. but he was not there.

i peeked my head in ben’s room and this is what i found.

hilarious. i’m assuming they were playing a game in the teepee and greg’s eyes just shut. too funny.

after a quick lunch for the boys, i headed to a post dedication party, LA for a craft fair with my crafty girls, dinner at an amazing pizza place downtown, then to bronwen’s poetry reading in tustin. FULL DAY of fun and leisure. i am so thankful that i can have days like this while my boys are enjoying being boys with their dad.

and lyle cried every time greg was out of his sight this morning. i am chopped liver.


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