In words…

I was so excited about our Boston / Maine vacation for several (COUNTLESS) reasons. I was looking forward to catching up with our friends Dan and Erica that we don’t see nearly enough and getting to know their 20 month old daughter, who is even cutter and funnier than I could have imagined. I desperately wanted a break for Greg from (too much) work. I wanted to just hang out with him while we traveled, took care of the kids and explored. I wanted to explore a part of the country I had never been to. I wanted to show my boys part of the country they had never seen, and a landscape far different than what they are use to. I wanted to cook local cuisine and enjoy long dinners alfresco. I wanted to wake with the sun, play all day and cool down with an early evening beer.

And we did.

Usually at the end of a 10 day trip, I am anxious to be home. In my own space. My own surroundings and creature comforts. Let’s just say I think I could live in a 500 square foot cottage on the coast of Maine, walk through fields to the water, pick blue berries from the back yard and eat lobster everyday and everynight for a long time. It really felt like we could have traveled back to another time (with cars). It was mellow and simple and not over developed. I am truly thankful for all that we have and the place we call home, but no part of me missed the west side of Costa Mesa. I have been increasingly longing for a much simpler place…to live. With in a community. I’m serious people. A tent. Or a yurt. With you all in tents or yurts around me. We would cook together and play together and not have to clean much because our living spaces would be so small. I’ll figure out the details and let you know…are you in?


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