trains, trollys and ocean views

greg had a work function in san diego this weekend (read: two free nights in a nice hotel) so i decided to take the boys down on friday (as to capitalize on all free hotel hours) and stay for the weekend. and i don’t really like freeway driving much, and didn’t want two cars down there anyway….so we took the TRAIN! and our adventurous traveling buddies emily and leela generously offered to “escort” us down on the train for fun. ben was so excited about the train ride. his eyes were as big as saucers when the train pulled up. we hopped on (not really an accurate description of me, carrying lyle, our day bag, with a stroller strapped to my back and holding ben’s hand FOR DEAR LIFE). we boarded, headed up stairs in hopes of finding four seats together…we found an entire empty car! we spread out, secured window seats for the kids to take in the view and….ate pancakes. :) thank you emily! lyle graciously took an hour nap in his stroller. we starred out the window at the ocean going by, tried to explain nuclear reactors to a 1 and 3 year old, colored and sang songs. until about 30 minutes north of san digeo, at which point ben totally melted down. he had stabbed himself in the mouth earlier that morning (don’t ask) and for some reason it just started to hurt on the train. there were crazy tears, dreuling, screaming. so sad. thankfully ( and kind of comically) we were headed to a dental conference, serious! with in an hour of getting to the hotel ben was checked out by a pediatric dentist and told he would be fine and it would heal quickly, and that salty pretzels were not the best snack choice (his request on the train).

so we took a trolly from the train station to the hotel. checked in our rooms. sat down to have lunch….then opened the (blessed) black out curtains to find an AMAZING ocean view. thank you Jesus.

the rest of the weekend was spent walking along the embarcadero, learning about navy ships (trying to explain how they protect us….different than Jesus) to a three year old, more walks, the new children’s museum, swimming in he biggest salt water pool in san diego, starring at yachts, snacks, snacks and more snacks.

we had a wonderful time. partly because i was just so dang proud of myself for charging the adventure.

pictures: traveling pancakes, view from the train, lyle asleep holding the train safety card, view from the hotel room, our favorite yacht, USS Midway, happy in our borrowed double stroller, craft project with greg at the new children’s museum a short distance from our hotel.