home again…

we had a fabulous time in the desert. tweet style…is all i have energy for right now.

starbucks on the way out of town…i might become a tea drinker…this is good.
our room is ready early!
rolling gramma dorie’s oxygen machine into the hotel room.
sandwiches on the porch.
bathing beauties by the pool….and yes, we are both wearing bathing suits!
ready for dinner…it’s 4:15.
5:00 pm early bird special at Sullivans. such a good steak!
quote: “can you help me walk up the stairs at the show because i’m ordering another cocktail”
got pulled over by a cop for impeding traffic while trying to let g dorie out of the car for the show…i flashed the handicapped parking sign and got a nod to be on my way….love that thing.
show at palm springs follies. i can’t explain…but it was all over the board. 3 hours of jokes about gays, jews and old people in palm springs. mostly inappropriate. all performers were over age 60. impressive. the sr. show girls boobs….even more impressive. last 30 minutes turned into a “God bless America, Amazing Grace” number ….that has the old crowd on their feet and my jaw on the floor. WHERE AM I!?!?! and can you sing Amazing Grace in a sequined bikini at 74? just watch the video….the palm springs follies
just checked in with greg to find out he took ben to urgent care…everyone is home and sleeping now.
bed time.
best 10 hours of sleep i can remember.
solo breakfast at the hotel restaurant while g. dorie sleeps.
sunscreen, bikini and poolside at 9:30 am. that’s the start to a good day.
sunburned by 10:30 am.
packed and leaving the hotel…
gambling time!!!
i just lost $3
interesting that g dorie has a handicapped parking sticker because she is limited in how far she can walk due to emphysema….but i’ll be lying if i say she can’t walk a mile in a smokey casino looking for a $.25 slot machine.
next stop….outlet mall.
home. sweet. home.


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  1. loved this post; i could picture it all. sounds like a fantastic getaway. the follies sound so insane. really, it all sounds like a movie. love that shot of grandma dorie!

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