day 10…

after three days, ben stopped asking to watch tv.
in the last 10 days, he has painted more pictures and played more songs on his instruments than i can count. he has discovered toys that were aching for love. and been digging in the back yard minutes after the sun comes up. the dora theme song does not pop into my head everytime we complete a task (we did it! we did it!)
and lyle is happier because he is getting more of ben’s attention.

and i think the only reason this is tv sabbatical is working is that ben has been napping (eliminating afternoon pleas to watch tv and me agreeing for some peace and quiet) more than usual….which was NONE, and he’s been in swim lessons every afternoon at 4:30 which means we are out of the house from the end of nap time to dinner time. crucial!

it feels like a small victory for a short period of time. but i’ll take it as this is one area of parenting that has plagued me.