spring cleaning

i would tell you about the “becoming a minimalist” blog that i’m obsessed with right now….but the reality is that it’s just another interest that i will have for a few weeks, then move on. so i won’t. but what i will tell you is that it totally inspired spring cleaning around here. which needed to happen.

i go thought cabinets, drawers, clothes, etc. on a monthly basis. always moving things from too small to too big in and out of the boys closets, donating unused items from the garage and around the house. and i always felt good about it. the continual purging. the problem. is the binging. i am realizing that we replace just as much as we clean out and give away. so i’m back to square one with a full house. so i’m trying to shift my thinking to how to live with less. ie….you only need ONE of anything. two…is excess. and i have made notes of the types of items that i’m getting rid of this time around. being ruthless. if it hasn’t been used in the last year, i’m certainly not going to need it in the next year. and I DON’T EVER NEED TO BUY IT AGAIN. i’ve started a little list of things that i don’t ever need to buy again….because they will probably end up in the back of my car on their way to goodwill 12 months from now. what’s on your list?

bath products
picture frames
cook books
capri pants
strapless bras
kitchen gadgets
dried spices for one recipe (use fresh instead)
note cards

yes greg, this is a list of things i don’t want for mother’s day.