all over the board

still toying around with the idea of going vegan…or at least vegetarian. don’t worry “friends with whom i eat meat,” there is a less than 1% chance i will follow through on this at all, or for any length of time. but i feel like it is something so right for my family and i. i just don’t have the inertia to take the first step. and ben ate bacon for the first time this morning and really liked it. what kind of PERSON would i be if i denied him bacon when it has brought me such joy?

i’ll keep you posted.

on a related note, if you follow me on twitter (haha) you will know that my blender broke a month ago (after two weeks of the green smoothie challenge) and we “invested in” a vitamix. it is AMAZING! i love it. it blends anything. morning activity and ben loves.