i have little patience

for some reason i am almost always in a hurry.  it’s in my blood.  or my nature or something.  and i have very little patience.  sorry….to everyone.  for how this makes you feel.  here are a few examples i noticed this week:

i rarely fill my gas tank up all the way.  i get impatient waiting.

i pour my cup of coffee before the pot is done brewing.

i unbuckle my seat belt before i pull into the garage.

i don’t completely dry my hair.  or my kids.

i put damp dishes in cabinets.  (the air will dry them….right?)

i stop the dryer before it is done and pull clothes out.

i leave the dinner table while ben is still eating.  (i know…this is just mean and rude)

i think there is something to all this.  this running to the next thing before i’ve completed a task.  or even a conversation.  i’ve done it at work.  in relationships.  in school.  never feeling completely grounded.  in a place.  or a moment.  i’m always looking ahead.

but right now, i am feeling particularly grounded….in this place.  in this time.  grounded in our family.  and our house.  and grounded with God.  and it feels good.