just in case you are keeping track…

and so you ALL have an exhaustive list documented to remind me to never go on “vacation” with my kids again.  so far this week we have had:

three chest colds requiring a nebulizer

endless runny noses

a few broken nails

two ear infections

four people puking

lots of diarrhea

yeast infection from antibiotics

two cases of ring worm (which i’m only 1/2 sure isn’t actually a worm)

chapped ass…which is a medical term (from sledding in jeans then walking to starbucks in wet jeans)

and one impatient, strung out, sad, frustrated, desperate mama.  for which there is no medication available at walmart.


One thought on “just in case you are keeping track…

  1. bless you all. i believe that you should stop traveling.
    i need your address. i’ve been boozing it up for the past two days and believe i know who to thank for it….some sweet little teepee making, vomit cleaning, traveling mama.

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