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mom and i went shopping with out the boys this morning and i stopped in a a discount book store to buy a book for ben.  i found an entire table with $1.99 books so i grabbed FIVE.  my criteria was cute cover and paper back so they wouldn’t be heavy on the flight home.  i gave them a once over in the car on the way home to make sure they were appropriate before giving them to ben. 

the first book, with a picture of two kids and a cat on the cover starts like this, “poor roly, his legs are tired and his whiskers are sad.  he sleeps all day.  i  think he’s doing says dad.  poor rolly his fur is dry and his eyes are old.  i think it’s nearly time said mum.”  ….you KNOW where this is going!!!  the cat dies.  the kids bury it.  and the next 10 pages show the kids trying to have fun in the back yard with out knocking over rolly’s tomestone.  horrible.  i’m sure this would be a good transition book to help kids talk through losing  a pet.  but we don’t have one.  and ben loves my parents cat.  and how do i explain why the mom and dad dug a hole and put the cat in it? 

book two.  about a crocodile that gets a bird as a toothbrush.  random.  but i’m going with it.  until bill the crocodile is playing at the park on a saturday and a “bad guy creeps up behind him and catchs him and throws him in a cage to take him to cairo to make him into a suitcase.”  oh my goodness.  i’m crying i’m laughing so hard at this point.  thankfully the bird / toothbrush friend follows him and helps him get out of the cage once they get to cairo.  and they end up scaring the “bad guy” out of his house and eating his dinner.  i don’t even know what to do with this. 

book three.  boy goes to bed with his favorite stuffed bear.  he dreams that they sail away together.  a “typhoon comes along and the bear falls out of the boat.” 

i CAN’T IMAGINE WHY THESE BOOKS DIDN’T SELL AT THE BOOK STORE?  sadly i own them all now.  and will be giving them to you kids for their birthday.


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