birthday celebrations

ben’s birthday is tomorrow.  i can’t believe he’s going to be three.  and we’re celebrating with some friends at  a park on saturday.  so….do i tell him his birthday is tomorrow?  and celebrate at home?  and give him his presents?  and then celebrate again on saturday?  i think it’s confusing for a little man.  same with Christmas.  when all was said and done he thought the entire month of december was Christmas b/c we had so many celebrations with different family and friends.  and i’m so sensitive to excess.  i don’t know what the root of that is….but i just don’t like excess for little kids.  so i bought ben some scissors (he LOVES to cut things) and paint for his birthday.  which seemed with in the boundaries of “not excess.”  then i made him a teepee.  but didn’t really say it was for his birthday.  then….late one night last week…greg and i decided to buy ben a trampoline.  excess.  darn it.  but he’s going to LOVE IT!  i hope.  i hate the expectation (or hope) that i have for ben to love something.  or love an experience.  he’s three.  he doesn’t value the same things i do.  and he is a different person.  but when i make a really good dinner.  or we go somewhere i think is really fun.  i ask him a million times (until i am satisfied with the level of excitment in his response) if he loves it.  i need to chill.  in so many ways.

happy almost birthday ben!!!