morning routine

every morning, sometime between 6-7  i wake to some shaking and rattling, then ben’s bedroom door open.  some shuffling.  then our door opens and in walks ben.  with arms full of stuffed animals and blankets from his bed.  he quietly tip toes over to my side of the bed and says, “good morning mommy.  this is for you” and hands me his monkey.  then gathers his stuff, tip toes to greg’s side of the bed and says, “good morning daddy.  this is for you” and hands greg his teddy bear.  then climbs into bed with us.  if it’s real early we try to convinence him to get under the covers and go back to sleep.  which RARELY  happens.  if it’s later and the sun is CLEARLY up, we cuddle and tickle and giggle and famliy hug.  it really is precious time.

notes:  if it is even ONE MINUTE before 6 am poor ben is met with grumpy mom, NOT grateful for monkey, sleeping daddy and a swift kick back to his room.  to which he never goes.  he meanders to the kitchen and pours himself some cereal.  or like yesterday, decided he wanted a “little snack mommy” before breakfast and put a cookie on a plate and brought it back into our room to eat.

another note: ben’s bedroom door is exactly 36″ from our’s.  we close both doors so we don’t have to listen to him BREATHE at night.  if he needs me (to put his covers back on for instance…every night at 3 am) i can hear him.

also:  i was so scared (literally) to move ben to a bed, fearing that he would be roaming the house all hours of the night.  which he doesn’t….usually.  not stay in his room.  not go to sleep, etc.  never (in my fear) did i imagine the sweetness of waking up to my sunshine in the morning.  precious.


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