potty training…success!

i will not share with you my approach to potty training….because i’m certain it was not the best.  lots of inconsistencies, changing rewards (ie. I ate all the chocolate covered pretzels several times and had to convinence ben that apple slices were a potty reward), starting and stopping….pretty sure no book would recommend what we did.  but it worked, eventually, and for the most part.  ben has very few accidents at home and he has not yet been kicked out of pre-school (which was totally my motivation for potty training him at two…which the experts also say is not a reason to force potty training on your kids).

all that to say, the REAL victory it not that he can FINALLY get his pants up and down by himself, or that he washes his hands, but that with out any prompting, he puts the toilet lid down when he is done.  And he doesn’t even slam it.  Gently.  Ahhhh…..I am so proud!