free shipping

i have decided that free shipping is a concept created by moms for moms. and i want to thank what ever super woman pitched the idea to her boss. because seriously…brilliant. not having to load kids in the car to go to the store to hopefully get what ever items are on the list, only to find that they don’t have the brand you are looking for or the right quantity or size. and the things you buy while you are at the store that you don’t really need and you get home and forgot the one thing that you did need. phewww.

i ordered greg some new undershirts. (is this a left over texas thing? or do other guys here really wear undershirts? just curious) because how many stores would i have had to go to to find them? how many buckles and unbuckles? in and out of the car. stroller up down up down. anyway, in this case, i paid $5 for shipping and it felt TOTALLY worth it. maybe a dollar for everytime you have to buckle or unbuckle a child from the car? and factor in gas. and that quality time you could spend with you children playing intentional and intellectually stimulating games, reading stories, developing fine motor skills, watching Dora….whatever instead of going to the store.