it’s not really funny….

i got in bed last night at 9:00 trying to get a head start on my 8 hours. that’s all i want. just one night. 8 hours of sleep. doesn’t even have to be continuous. just add up all the odds and ends and somewhere close to a restful night? not in the cards last night.

9:30. lyle awake
10:00 ben coughing
10:30 lyle coughing
11:00 ben coughing. inhaler
11:30 lyle awake and happy
12:00 ben awake and sad

i am not kidding friends. this is how it went every thirty minutes until 1 am.

it took very little time to get them back to sleep each time. but seriously. i was sore from getting in and out of bed so many times last night. and ran into countless doors and walls. mercy.

on a positive note, lyle has made great strides on the “not eating in the middle of the night” front. he can be soothed with out a snack. yay! now if he could just stop coughing he might make the through the night victory.