all is quiet on the western front

it is quiet. in my house. and i don’t even know where to start…picking up the pieces from the last three weeks.

unpack the mystery suit case that i just shoved in the garage minutes before greg’s family showed up last week?

rid my pantry of all holiday food that i never buy but will binge on all week if it’s in there?

write thank you notes?

colon cleanse?

take a nap?

go to napa?

try to figure out where greg put all the extra sheets and pillows when he was tidying up last night?

call my insurance to file a claim on the accident my car was in while we were out of town? by the way, this is the 4th time in my life someone else has wrecked my car.

download pictures and make photo albums.

ok….this is turning into a to do list. i know you are all bored. i’ll stop.

happy new year!!!

and texas fight. second best football game i have ever seen!


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