desperate times….

call for desperate measures. i am fearing the worst possible sleep for the next 10 days. but we all know (don’t we ladies!!!) that the Lord provides. And some times He knows what we need even before we do. Back up 3 weeks…..Ben was on round 15 (lost count) of cold season and I was desperate for him to go to school (for my sanity) which means only one thing. Sniffles and sneezes. You know….the “homiopathic” remedy to stop a runny nose? I stumbled upon it at Mother’s Market (the source of all good things for your body and soul that I can not afford….or don’t have the attention span to research and follow religiously as I should….I know I should!) what was I saying? Oh, so I went to Mothers to buy the glorious (it works and I don’t know how) Sniffles and Sneezes and for some reason it was only sold in a package with a product called Calms Forte 4 Kids. I had not choice to buy it. (Thank you Lord.) Apparently Calms Forte 4 Kids (should I really be typing this out? Will people be trying to buy it by the truck load?!?!)….relieves restlessness, sleeplessness, night terrors, growing pains, causeless crying and sleeplessness from travel.

I’m sorry. Causeless crying? Sleeplessness from travel? Really? Praise the Lord. Seriously. For whoever knew there were lots of us out here desperate for a solution other than benadryl. Which I have not tried b/c I fear my child will be the one in 1000 with the “just gets out of control hyper” reaction. I can’t risk it. Ever.

So friends….we are packed and ready for “vacation”….errrr….holiday travel. And stocked up on Calms Forte 4 Kids…b/c in November the Lord knew I would be having a sleep panic attack.

Merry Christmas.

ps…when you google Calms Forte 4 Kids the first site is called “Organic Pharmacy.” Which obviously means there are not only no adverse side effects of this substance, but that it probably is SOOOO much better for you than even vegetables.