santa is not coming to our house….

i have not put much thought into my “stance” on santa. you know, do you or do you not incorporate him into your Christmas traditions? santa presents? santa visits? is he real?, etc. as a Christian i think you’re kind of required to have a stance and be prepared to defend it. is perpetuating the myth of santa lying to your children? is that wrong? or is it all in good fun and just part of creating Christmas memories for your children? we haven’t talked a lot about santa this year. you know, his role as world wide gift giver, travel logistics (reindeer), entrance method (chimney), traditional thank you gifts (cookies and milk), his entourage (the elves), etc. but ben definitely recognizes the jolly old soul in books, pictures, blown up 10 feet at the neighbor’s house, etc. and he gives a shout out every time with out fail. he’s sing santa claus is coming to town with all his heart. and he seems excited about his presence. as long as he is a safe distance away. you see, ben has a pretty good memory. and clearly has not forgotten his last close encounter with the bearded man….12 months ago.

so, nothing thinking about that moment tonight, in an effort to get ben to stay in his bed and actually go to sleep, i casually mentioned that if he wanted santa to bring him Christmas presents he needed to be a good boy and stay in bed….b/c santa only brings presents to good boys and girls.

to which he replied, “i don’t want santa to bring me presents. i don’t want to sit on his lap.” and “i already got my Christmas presents.” because we have celebrated with my parents and aunt and a few friends and the are already more new toys in this house than i know what to do with. and even ben knows everything is good in moderation.

i give up. stay up as late as you want.