i give myself a hard time when it comes to parenting. for several reasons. i really care about my children. and feel responsible for their well being. and i like to do a good job with any challenge. but i am often just poking fun at myself when i write blogs about the silly things i do. or the kids do to me.

but today….i seriously feel bad. lyle hasn’t slept well since LAST tuesday night. there has been LOTS of crying and screaming and tears and kicking and back arching. and i thought it was because i thretened to wean him of the 3 am feeding (that he is entirely too old for and doesn’t need). but yesterday….it finally clicked that he’s been sick for a month now (seriously) and his cold has probably developed into an ear infection. and confirmed by the dr. at 10:30 this morning. he was screaming so loud at the office they wouldn’t let me leave with out giving him some motrin.

poor little lyle. why did this not occur to me SIX DAYS AGO!?!?!?!??!

he has to hate me.

please don’t ever tell him about this.

my happy, medicated baby is now sleeping.