Jesus is watching you….

I have been very intentional about including Jesus in ALL holiday talk around here. Jesus is the reason for the season. The Christmas lights represent Jesus as the light of the world. Presents. Jesus is the greatest gift of all. Etc. And I’ve just made up a lot of other explanations for things like why mommy eats so many Christmas cookies (God’s love is abundant), why we can only listen to Christmas music (b/c i’m tired of Old McDonald had a farm), stockings (would have kept Jesus feet warm in those sandles), etc.

But this morning we implemented the “Jesus is watching you” program. A friend (Jodie…do you want to be anonymous?) told me about Santa’s helper Elf? The Elf on the Shelf? Not sure exactly what it’s called, but you buy this little elf, place it somewhere in the house that your kids can see and tell them that the elf is watching (for good behavior) and will tell Santa what he sees. Which EVERYONE knows determines the quality and quantity of your Christmas presents.

Because I am 1) cheap and didn’t want to buy the elf, 2) overwhelmed at the thought of taking two kids into a toy store and 3) a sold out Christian totally intent on making it all about Jesus this year….I swiped baby Jesus from our nativity scene and placed him on the kitchen island and explained to Ben that Jesus is now watching us. To see if we are good boys and girls. And he will tell Santa…..wait….this is going to totally confuse him. Too late. I am desperate for good behavior. Jesus is watching. And if you are good. You get Christmas presents. And if you are not, mommy will use the Christmas present budget to buy things for herself.

So the first….ok….like seventh flaw with this is that every time Ben obeys when I ask him to do something he looks at Jesus…to make sure he is watching….and then turns to me and asks me for his present. How do you explain to a 2 year old that Christmas is 3 weeks away? And Jesus is also in your heart? And mama really wants a new pair of boots.


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  1. I ToTALly don't want to be anonymous… I've been referred to as 'a friend' in many another post (my "friend" called on the phone… my "friend" and I were out with our boys…my "friend" amped my son up on hot chocolate 2 hours before bedtime) I was starting to get a complex. I will take responsibility for Ben's good behavior of late, despite the manipulative nature of it all. Instead of giving Z (I think it is stealth in blogs when the kids are referred to by their initial only) a time out at Mommy & Me last week, I pointed him toward the Fisher Price nativity set and told him to go talk to baby Jesus. I got some strange looks. You would have laughed your head off.

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