we got saved at the park today….

we bailed on church this morning. and went to breakfast in Laguna Beach, then to the park. we do this a lot. not bail on church, but go to breakfast in Laguna at our favorite spot, then to a neighborhood park. Ben and I were seated at the little kid’s table in the playground, about to serve up a tasty meal of pretend mac and cheese and bananas when a little boy joined us. he was maybe 4 years old, declared that he was making pretend fish to go along with our mac and cheese. Before we pretend ate our meal, the little boy said, “we need to pray,” then reached out and grabbed our hands. told us to close our eyes. then proceeded to pray the sinner’s prayer. sweetness. i should do this on the play ground more often!

then we went for a family “hike.” which was really just a short stroll on a wide open bike trail at the top of the canyon. at the end of our “hike” two bikers stopped and chatted with us for a minute. next thing i know one is pulling a bible out of his camelbak and giving it to us. at that point we tried to tell him that we knew Jesus, but it was too late. he was convinced we were lost souls in need of God’s word. which i guess we are. aren’t’ we all?


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