taped out

i am totally filled, yet drained all at the same time. i have enjoyed quite a bit of quiet time with Jesus, quiet time with myself and friends, good work outs, lazy weekends, and breaks from the kids the last couple weeks and i am totally rejunivated and totally drained all at the same time. i have had so much (relatively speaking) time to sit and reflect, to process and contemplate. it feels peaceful. it feels challenging. those thoughts, and relationship challenges that speak when all else is quiet.

and it’s been a busy couple weeks. the down hill slide towards the holidays is upon us and i can’t seem to slow it down. thinking of how to make the perfect turkey gravy and ordering Christmas presents all at the same time. do you all know about diaper.com? my order tonight consisted of a car seat (Lyle’s Christmas present. He’s going to be SOOOO exicted I just know it!) batteries….that I keep forgetting to buy at the market, new pacifiers….that i’ll need in a few weeks that i’m sure i will keep forgetting to buy at the market, diapers….obviously, and some other things that i don’t even remember. free shipping. and it will be here wednesday. quicker than i could even think about getting to target with out two kids in tow.

i love diapers.com

and Christmas cards. yikes! i love them and hate them all at the same time. but i know that going through the mail in the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my all time favorite afternoon activity!!! looking at pictures. marveling how fast kids grow up. smiling back at old friends smiling at me. praying for some. praising the Lord for others. i just love it. it’s like a group hug. everyday. friends and family….i love you!