personal hygine

in an effort to nurse lyle and talk on the phone at the same time today, i asked ben to go to the bathroom and brush his teeth (to get him off my lap. it was sweet that he was there. he has been very aware of me feeding lyle recently. and actually asked if i would feed HIM the other day. and then proceeded to lift up my shirt and try to unsnap my bra. mercy. i offered to make him a sandwich instead and he agreed.)

anyway….so ben went to the bathroom. i hear a drawer open. good sign. i hear the sink water turn on. good sign. i chat for a couple minutes. water still on. i finish feeding lyle. water still on. i holler at ben to turn the water off. no response. i walk into the bathroom and my little helper is cleaning the bathroom with soap, water….and his hair brush. sink. toilet. bath. shutters. gross.

he also is soaking wet from head to toe. silly ben.