Miscommunication….or no communication?

Which is worse?

Greg and I were in different places this week. I have been on my breastfeeding / toddler entertaining island and Greg has been at work. I have been in bed and Greg has been eating a late dinner in the kitchen. I have been asleep and Greg has been at the coffee shop with the boys. You get the drift.

So we had a quick conversation when we could.

So today, Greg graciously entertained both boys while I went to get a dose of fabulous with a fresh haircut. Just as we’d been doing all week, we quickly exchanged a few words, me rattling of instructions for the kids, “Lyle needs a bottle at 12:30, don’t forget to change his diaper, you need to pick my brother up at the airport at 1:00…etc.” Kind of a lot of information. I negleted to remind him to feed Ben and make sure he pees before nap time. And I really really forgot to mention to NOT USE THE BREAST MILK IN THE FRIDGE b/c it was there more for a science experiment than sustenance for my baby.