i’m sure you are dying to know, and the answer is yes. ben pooped at home before we left for school. i was SO proud and relieved. he said he also peed at school today, but he’s usually only about 50% accurate with his details, so this is questionable.

regardless, he was so excited to go to school. and so busy playing as soon as he walked into the class room that he couldn’t even focus to say good bye to me. and he was not at all ready to leave when i picked him up at 12:30. he’d done a craft he couldn’t wait to show me. a piece of white paper with wet yellow paint all over it….that i accidentally dropped in the dirt on the way to the car, and then ben stepped on it. so now it has “texture.” and it’s on the fridge! i feel good about this. he is going to have so much fun and learn so much. and (bonus!) lyle and i enjoyed our time together today. we had morning cuddle time and went for a long walk.

here’s a picture of our family today.