what do you do when your baby goes on vacation!?!?

ok, i know ben is not my baby. he’s 2-1/2. but he’ll always be my baby, and he left this morning to go to Colorado with my mom. to the airport. on an airplane. then a two hour drive up the mountain. with out me. just my mom, dad, their cat and ben. for four days. we had a photo shoot in the driveway before he left. thankfully before i really started crying. i miss him already, but know he will have so much fun. and lyle and i are going to meet them in four days. just four days.

so far i have….
gone for a long walk with lyle
called to see if the plane landed
picked up all the toddler toys floating around the house
called to see if they made it to the car
bought paint to repaint ben’s room while he is gone
called to see if they made it up the mountain
painted my toe nails (but not ben’s room yet!)
called to see how night time went
had dinner at a friends house
called to see how ben was doing this morning…you get the point.

in all the ground rules i set with my mom, we never talked about how often i was allowed to call!


2 thoughts on “what do you do when your baby goes on vacation!?!?

  1. hang in there, mama. you will be enjoying that flight to Colorado with just little Lyle. I leave both boys over Labor day. I am already sad and excited. such a mix of emotions there.

  2. wow! big deal! that's exciting though, what a little adventure for Ben.but looking at that precious face, it's understandable that four days is not just four days. :)

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