Super mom

Greg likes to throw this term around. “Super mom.” Mostly when referring to my friends. So I thought there should be some scale. Or Survey we could all take to see how we measure up. Good luck. And good luck keeping score. I don’t think I can count above 5 anymore. Brain. Is missing. Have you seen it?

One kid + 1 point
Two kids +2 points
Three kids +3 points
4 kids +4 points
5 or more kids + 1,000 points
Bathe most of your kids daily + 1 point
Bathe all of your kids daily +2 points
Remember to wash kids hands at the park before lunch +2 points
Remember all your kids when you leave the park +5 points
Offer only organic foods to your children (fruits and veggies) +2 points
Your kids eat aforementioned organic fruits and veggies +5 points
You remember the last time you brushed your child’s teeth +1 point
Use cloth diapers + 2 points
Own cloth diapers but don’t use them + 0 points
Don’t utilize child care….ever + 5 points
Don’t utilize child care more than 5 times a week + 1 point
“Wear your baby” (instead of letting your baby exist in his car seat for hours and days on end + 2 points

Your kids are dirty, occasionally defiant and unruly but know they are loved…+1,000,000 points