hanging on by a thread today….

some might say that i’m in the “throws of motherhood.”

today that means that i’ve been peed on, pooped on and spit up on right between my giant breastfeeding boobs.

and i’m going on 4 hours of sleep. total. last night.

i know i shouldn’t complain. if any of you have seen me in the last 6 weeks and asked how things were going i probably responded with, “great! lyle sleeps 24 hours a day and ben loves him.” which is or was mostly true. but lyle is waking up more and more. and ben is loving in different ways that make this reality a little more challenging. and as noted here i no longer have a brain. sad.


One thought on “hanging on by a thread today….

  1. understandable to be just hangin' in there…hope you are getting more than 4 hours of sleep a night. you are quite amazing as far as i'm concerned just so you know.so, the tragic part about all you do daily (and nightly…) for those boys is that they won't remember most of it and probably will curse you in high school and be upset for simply being asked to take out the trash once a week or something.but the beautiful part is that one day they will wake up and realize they have the best mom in the world and the admiration, appreciation and love will only grow and grow, and they will treat you and their wives better because of it.or they could just be the perfect kids their whole lives? it is possible, i suppose, just like us, right? :)sorry about my rambling, random thoughts. :)

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