fun things to do with a toddler

this list is more a reminder for me, for those days when i am too tired to be fun and creative for ben and need a little nudge.

1. build a fort using the sofa and cushions, blankets, etc.
2. indoor camping – get the sleeping bags out, flash lights, snacks, etc.
3. fill the kiddy pool with soapy water and wash all the outside toys. (this sounds a bit neurotic as i type this, but really, ben LOVES water and bubbles and pretend cleaning anything! i’m not abusing him with household chores…yet.)
4. play dough and all the fun kitchen utensils
5. water the plants with a squirt bottle
6. band practice – turn the kids music on and get out all the instruments and play play play with your kido
7. make cookies
8. make more cookies
9. dump all the baskets of toys out (it’s amazing what you’ll discover that you thought was lost, organize the pieces, play as you go)
10. turn on dora the explorer and take a nap as your kido watches (LAST RESORT people!)


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