to wake or not to wake, that is the question

it is 3:59 pm. ben has been asleep for 3 hours. should i wake him up? i ask myself this question on any good nap day. any day where is hitting late afternoon, and he is still asleep, and i start to think about how our bed time is going to play out if he’s not tired b/c he napped for three plus hours that day. but then, i’m real still. and real quiet. and i hear nothing. and it’s glorious. the sound of nothing in the afternoon. nothing but sleeping. and i think….greg will be home to help with bed time tonight, so if ben is not tired, someone else will get to enjoy that battle. sorry greg. i am so selfish sometimes.

4:15 pm. still asleep. i really should wake him…after i finish my diet coke. i should not drink diet coke. there is NOTHING good about it. especially caffeine free diet coke. what’s the point? who bought this? where is my trusty dr. pepper that i grew to know and love during 9 months of pregnancy. that is not good for me either.

4:20 pm. i hear talking. do i respond? or ignore? almost done with diet coke.

4:30 pm. ben is awake. game on! let the afternoon of fun begin. we are making forts today!…so i can “pretend sleep” in the living room.