Ultimate Fighting Championship….Cage Match

The crib battle is on.

Ben won’t stay in. And won’t sleep in his big boy bed. And is not deterred by an punishment we have given him at this point. And just runs out of his room over and over and over and over i’m so tired and over and over and Greg took him on a drive in the car (AGAIN!) to get him to fall asleep last night at 10:00 and he came running in our room at 6:00 am….and that’s too early and over and over again…and I’m having a baby SOON!

So, thanks to my new best friend Kristen, who recommended the “crib tent”, I have bought and put together our solution. Please Lord, let this work. Everyone needs sleep. And I’m having a baby SOON!

Send your kids over for the Royal Rumble on Saturday. (My brother use to make me watch wrestling and some of the terms kind of stuck with me! Yikes.)

Afternoon update: Ben took a nap in his new tent / crib. Although, he was asleep (fell asleep in the car….he HAS to be as tired at we are) when I put him in. He woke up screaming….probably what I would do if I woke up in a prison. But he was contained. We’ll see how tonight goes.


2 thoughts on “Ultimate Fighting Championship….Cage Match

  1. Ooohhh Linds you poor thing! What a little stinker. The cage is about as bad as my sleep harness! I love the effort to end the madness.

  2. Here from Bronwen's blog…my friend had the same problem and got the tent contraption as well. She talked A LOT about how her son would be "camping" his "his tent", etc. and it worked a treat! He has slept in the tent crib for almost a year now! Good luck!

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