and the thoughts continue….

can you send your child to time out just because they are annoying you?
can you have PMS when you’re pregnant?
how long can you (legally) leave your child in the car (with the car engine off of course) in the garage listening to music?
how loud can you yell ‘FREKING MOTHER FREKING SH**’ outside your car with out your child hearing you? and if you just think it but don’t say it, does God hear you?
how far is too far to drive just to have your child fall asleep during a non nap time in the back of the car?
is noon too early to have a drink….by yourself….when you are pregnant?
do any of the above items cause permanent emotional damage to your child that will result in therapy?

on a more positive note, after the joy of pretzels wore off, I upped the ante for peeing on the potty and apparently ben WILL pee for a cupcake. i’m sure he’ll have me baking him a cake a day to poop soon enough.


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