Irish man gets a tan

Greg’s not really Irish. I think Thorburn is Icelandic? I should know this, having married into the family. Anyway, my fair skinned, red bearded husband had an adventure in spray tanning this afternoon. And I’m still laughing about it.

One of the many (so many I had to start a spreadsheet to track them all….my inner project manager is still quite alive) to do projects around our house this weekend was to add a fresh coast of paint to a patio table. Greg primed it last weekend and was all set to go with the spray paint this weekend. Obviously he’d chosen a burnt orange color to replace the dull brown it had been painted for years, you know, because Texas Football season is only 117 days away. Well, the burnt orange turned out to be more of a highway construction sign BRIGHT orange. And for some reason (still don’t have clarity on this becauase I was napping….my “project” for the weekend) he decided to spray paint said table in the garage. And in the process, spray not only the table, but the garage floor, and….this is the hilarious part, his arms, legs and feet got a solid coat of BRIGHT orange paint. When he took his flip flops off there was a distinct outline of the straps, and sweet orange feet. His arms had a nice glow to them as well. I just laughed and laughed and laughed. Not sure why I thought it was so funny. I should have taken a picture, but that might have been pressing my honey do list luck.

Love you honey!