this is why i have always been afraid to be a writer….

WRITERS BLOCK! Seriously…still nothing noteworthy to blog about. Or lacking a brain power to retain good ideas to blog about. Probably the latter.

I have writers block and potty training block! Don’t know where to start. Afraid to start. Want to start…before my unborn, unnamed baby boy is born in approximately 8 weeks. For those counting, yes, I’m rounding down hoping with all my heart that he makes a little bit of an early appearance like Ben did.

So back to potty training. I think Ben is more interested and committed than I am. He’s totally into his Potty Book. His big boy underwear and asks to sit on the potty every time we walk into the bathroom. And I usually tell him, we’ll sit on the potty later. Let’s just get in the tub, wash hands, etc. B/c I’m generally lacking the patience to sit on the floor of the bathroom for hours on end waiting for the blessed tinkle. Maybe if we do this in our bathroom and I bring some sort of really comfy chair for me to sit on also? Or a mini fridge? And a TV?

I’ve heard it’s easiest to potty train in the summer b/c it warm out side and there’s lots of opportunity for naked play time in the back yard. Well…’s flat out HOT outside this week. And Ben has the starts of a little cold so we are on social event probation….so maybe I should just GO FOR IT!?!?!?!? I’ll talk to Ben and see what he thinks.

UPDATE – 5 minutes later. I put Ben on the potty and left the bathroom (I’m sure that’s a no no but honestly I have not read any of the potty training books to know) to go get the perfect comfy chair, load of books and reward snack in case there was a tea spoon of pee in the toilet……and when I returned, Ben declares. I have a dirty diaper. That’s right…..he pooped in the potty! Maybe he just needed privacy?


2 thoughts on “this is why i have always been afraid to be a writer….

  1. Who ever knew a tinkle or a plop could be such a glorious thing, right?!Sorry you’re on “social probation”.Lot’s of love to you Lindsay!

  2. Yeah Ben! I had to leave Micah naked from the waist down pretty much all day for him to understand that he needed to pee in the potty. It was a naked fest at our house for awhile! Whatever works, right?

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