oh we’re up now….

So, Ben is still sick, but much better than earlier this week. And now Greg and I have it. Parenting with a clear head it hard enough….I’m a disaster when everything is cloudy as it is this morning. Anyway, our morning started at 5:30 am. Ben was crying so Greg when in and helped put him back down. Silence for 10 minutes. Then singing. Talking. Laughing from Ben’s room. Followed by the inevitable “Mama. Dada. Wake up. Mama. We go play. Dada where are you?” After 15 minutes of that we caved and went to get him. We brought him into bed with us thinking (PRAYING to GOD) that he would go back to sleep. But with in 5 minutes, I’d been kicked in the face and Ben had poured an entire glass of water (that was sitting on Greg’s night side table) on Greg’s back and in the bed. So…we were UP, changing sheets before 6:00 am.

Knowing I had a long day of Ben and Mama solitude ahead of us b/c we were banned from all activities involving people that we know and love enough to protect from RSV….I started planning. Breakfast out. That was a sure fire winner. Especially if pancakes were involved. And lots of outdoor time…..the ZOO! We will finally venture to the ZOO! It was a beautiful day and Ben has been quite pleasant in the car these days, especially when listening to the “Hello Song” on repeat. Mercy. So a road trip (ok, it’s only 10 miles) sounded like a great idea!

Obviously since we were up at 6:00, there was first breakfast before we left the house to go get second breakfast (my favorite meal of the day). We get to pipes and Ben happily greets everyone in the restaurant with a “hi. nice to meet you.” As if he knows he’s the cutest kid in the world. To which everyone responds with, “oh my gosh, he’s SO cute!” They ohhhh and ahhhh and I feel compelled to let them know that he’s not always this pleasant to be around, but I resist, knowing there is a good chance he will communite that for me during our time there.

Ben hugging the syrup. The only time he smiled during breakfast.

During our 8 minute breakfast, Ben is in true two year old form. Kicking off shoes. Refusing to sit in the high chair. Throwing everything with in reach on the floor and of course spilling his water that he insisted I take the lid off….but that’s just a given. I scarf down eggs, potatoes and pancakes as fast as I can and we leave. But not before I drop an F bomb in Ben’s presence for the first time. I don’t think he heard. But if you hear him saying it on the playgroud, he learned it at the church nursery. Promise.

We hit the gas station, bank, and back to the house for several forgotten items then head up the 55 to the ZOO. Ben is so happy in the car I consider driving to the San Diego ZOO, or Arizona for that matter, but resist. I only have enough snacks to keep everyone happy for about 3 hours. We hit the ZOO hard. See the monkey’s and the farm. Talk about a random gathering of animals. Ben enjoys the playgroud, a train ride, and meets some new friends of course. Who ohhhh and ahhhh and and by this point in the day I’ve forgotten all about 5:30 am and the breakfast spectacle and am so proud. It was the perfect 3 hour outting and ended with Ben asleep in the back of the car and smoothly transfering to his crib for the rest of nap time.

As soon as he woke up, we went to the market, bought “supplies” for cup cakes and came home to bake. I was feeling SO bad about the fact that we had to cancel his party b/c everyone at our house was sick that I thought the little man needed some sugar! Always makes me feel better. So we baked, Ben stirred, licked, poured, and loved it. By 4:00 we were both happy with chocolate frosting all over our faces.

We ended the day meeting Greg at an Italian restaurant for dinner (mistake). Ben was home asleep by 8:00 and I was passed out on the couch. I think that counts as another day…..of survival.


2 thoughts on “oh we’re up now….

  1. Oh the things I have to look forward to. Love this post…not because sweet Ben put you through hell but for your shear honesty. You are a super mama!

  2. You survived! That’s kinda how I feel at the end of every day too. That is so hysterical how Ben poured the water on hubby in the bed! What a wake up call! Those things are alot funnier when you look back on them, right? By the way, you are a beautiful pregnant mommy!

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