We’re having a baby….

As I am slowly settling into the reality of being pregnant and barely fitting into my non-maternity clothes, I have started to allow myself to enter into the early stages of planning mode. I immediately starting thinking logistics (b/c that’s how my brain works): Where will the baby sleep? Do we really need another crib or will Ben be ready to transition to a big boy bed? How can I avoid having two kids in diapers with out actually having to potty train Ben b/c that whole process sounds exhausting (and messy)? Even though he would look adorable in Thom@s the Train underwear…yet all grown up at the same time. What do you DO with a two year old while you are nursing a newborn 8 hours a day? Who did we borrow that life saving swing from last time?

Then (after hours of looking at adorable nursery bedding on-line), I start to think about maybe the more important questions. What will our family of four look like? How do you love and support a husband and two children in only 24 hours a day? (Who will mop the floor?!?!) How do you prepare a 2 year old to be a big Brother? Is this a futile effort? We have talked about the “baby in mama’s belly” and I was starting to think he kind of understood until yesterday, when trying to express great delight with his dinner he smiled real big, rubbed his belly and said, “mmmmmm…..baby.” Does he think mama ate a baby? This can’t be a good start.

Maybe this week I’ll start with trying to find a swing to borrow.


2 thoughts on “We’re having a baby….

  1. Ugh. Potty training is such a pain in the rear! Really, the only fun part is seeing that cute butt in big boy underwear! I’m dreading it times 2 pretty soon. Well, in a year, but that seems soon!

  2. Ummm…Ben rubbing his belly is priceless! You find a swing? We have one you can borrow so let me know. :)

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