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Oh….the highs and lows of the holidays. As mentioned in a previous post, I just LOVE Christmas cards. The excitement of getting something in the mail other than coupons (that I should be clipping but never do) and mountains of junk mail. This time of year I carefully sort through each piece, looking for a festive envelope, with a familiar return address or Santa stamp. Oh I get so excited. To me, it’s a little “still thinking about you” from old friends. And pictures of little babies. And dogs. I love it! And some over achievers out there even include a Christmas letter with family updates, significant happenings in the past year, etc. My in-laws included such a letter this year. It celebrated young Chris’ (Greg’s little brother) graduation from UT. Brabara and Reid’s trip to Italy and updates on the rest of the family. I was kindly mentioned in the second paragraph along with the words “stay at home mom.” And that was it. “Lindsay is a stay at home mom.” She rarely leaves the house. Is of little use to society, except to her adoring son Ben. Who is well fed and bathed daily. They do not do much of anything. Except stay home. And stare at each other.

That phrase just rubs me the wrong way. I’ve taken to telling people I’m between jobs…and can easily segway to the economy and feel relevant and smart. Even though I don’t know how to spell segway even close enough for spell check to recognize and tell me the correct spelling. Ewwww. Ewwww. Ewwww.

I just feel like we are all so different. And we approach parenting differently. And manage our houses differently. And we have different strengths and weaknesses. Just like in the job market. I think there should be job (sub) titles that we can talk about. Like “creative director” or “CFO – in a recession!” or “head chef” or “landscape architect” or “family therapist.” And there are all the things we do outside of the home. Bible studies. Spanish class. Play group organizer. Baby shower thrower. Gift wrapper. Meal taker. Really good friend to people overwhelmed with babies. (Sweet friends…I am describing YOU all!)

I’m feeling the need to write a “response” letter (to share with the Thorburn’s Christmas card distribution list) including all the things and I (and Ben) do OUTSIDE the home. Please let me know if you would like to receive a copy along with my recently updated resume.


3 thoughts on “i object!

  1. Oh my gosh Lindsay, I feel the same way! I also was awarded that same description in my mom in law’s xmas letter. And I too felt that same little eww. There really should be another way to explain our lives other than “stay at home”. We do so much more than that! (:

  2. Yes yes yes yes yes. I completely agree. And don’t even get me started on “homemaker” — that one literally makes me vomit. I’ve taken to saying “I raise two little people” when asked what I do. A bit more satisfying, but still…

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