The fog in my brain is clearing! The nausea is subsiding! And after 6 weeks of thinking about it….I finally have the energy to actually start addressing Christmas cards. Or at least trying to figure out who I can get away with NOT sending a Christmas card to this year. Oh, I know that sounds horrible, but seriously, the list is longer than a ridiculously long wedding guest list. There are too many kids growing up and moving out of their parents houses….and do they get their own card now? Only if they are related? Or married? Or send us a card? Are there rules for this? Emily Post where are you?

Further capitalizing on my burst of energy this week (total exaggeration…I just got off the couch for an extra hour each day) I, along with the help of my 87 year old grandmother and 21 month old Ben (really just a happy spectator), managed to buy, load, transport, un-load (this was dicey!), drag in the house, and fully decorate 6 foot tall Christmas tree. Last Sunday (pre 12 week pregnancy mark) I’d told my husband I didn’t want a tree, mostly because I didn’t have the umph it was going to take to make it happen. But post 12 week pregnancy mark….and back to life….I was determined to make Christmas happen in our house this week! And we did! And Ben wakes up every morning asking me to turn on the pretty tree lights. Oh the joy.

This week has been filled with all sorts of other (not really) note worthy moments. But I must say, by far the most significant, was getting to see our little bean of life on an ultra sound screen Friday morning. There he or she was….arms flailing, legs kicking and little heart beating. It was the only thing I wanted for Christmas.